Living an Intentional Life

Awakening the Power of Money, Sex, Love & Confidence

Why "Getting your Groove On" is totally connected to your money, your confidence and your sex life and how to turn yourself back on. . .

Hello, I'm Dawn Todd and since 2006 I've been empowering women to get what they want.  

With a strong background in energy healing as well as butsiness, I help women come out of hiding, get connected to their calling and make their brilliance their business.  

In a word, it's congruence with body, mind and soul. And to be honest, it's the biggest stumbling block for most of the women that I work with.  

See, I'll bet you didn't know that women create and manifest differently then men do. Yup, it's true.

And it ALL starts in the body. What is happening in your body is directly connected to what is happening in your life. 

No sex drive and no money? It's in The Power Center of Money, Sex & Feminine Power. 

Feeling disconnected and lost, afraid to say what's true and afraid to take the next step? That's in The Power Center of Love, Grace & Influence. 

Strugging to find your true calling or to make a living doing what you love? That's in The Power Center of Intuition, Impact and Vision.

Power Center of Money, Sex and Feminine Power

This power center is located in the pelvic bowl. Imagine. When functioning well, the energy of this power-center relates to creating wealth without guilt, living our your soul calling and mission, expressing your brilliance and making that your business, creating and leaving a legacy, and knowing what you want to be known for. I call this conscious profit. It means making a living while at the same time making a life and making money in a way that honors you and everyone around you.

Power Center of Love, Grace & Influence

This power center in located in the middle chest. Claiming our power without diminishing the power of others, exuding acceptance, forgiveness, love, initiative and teamwork; consciously communicating our message, our mission to our tribe and asking people to be part of what we are creating: this is the power center of Influence.  

 Power Center of Intuition, Impact & Vision

The third and final power-center is centered in the middle of the forehead and extends from the throat to just slightly above the head. This is the place where all the magic comes together as we take our essential soul message and empower it with influence and impact. What emerges is a women who is so aligned with who she is and what she’s up to, that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can stop her. It is the perfect storm of empowerment, vision and calling.  

Is This You? 

  • Know that you create your own reality, but haven’t been able to really manifest the life of your wildest dreams  
  • Have bouts of anxiety and then non action, like driving with one foot on the gas and then one on the brakes, even though you’ve been working on your “stuff” for years  
  • Started, or contemplated starting, a business based on your calling and passion, but the money isn’t appearing the way you believed it would  
  • Live with feminine money shadows that are interfering with your ability to create wealth  
  • Want to birth your powers of sacred sexuality and feminine abundance

September 16, 2017 Join Me & Women Around the World for 

Awakening Feminine Power

Learn A Body Centered Process To Activate The Three Power Centers • Define Your True Wild Essence • Nourish The Feminine Intention (Pleasure, Profit And A Fabulously Good Time) • Feel Grounded, Powerful, Courageous And Free • Develop And Enhance Your Deep Wisdom • Know What Is Perfect For You And Take Those Actions Fearlessly • Enhance Your Wildly Brilliant Feminine Leadership Skills • Live In Your Joy And Have More Fun • Manifest With Ease And Clarity • Attract More Support, Prosperity And Abundance • Nourish And Care For Your Family With Plenty Of Energy Left For You • Be Healthier And Feel Fabulous • Let Creativity Flow • Greatly Enhance Or Attract Your Romantic Relationships  

Awakening Feminine Power includes: 

  • Three 90 Minute Trainings 
  • Playbook for Each Training
  • Guided Meditation for Each Process
  • Recording of Each Class 
  • One 60 Minute Personal Coaching Session with Dawn 

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 9 am EST: Being the Wild Woman Goddess  

The energy of this power-center relates to creating wealth without guilt, living our your soul calling and mission, expressing your brilliance and making that your business, creating and leaving a legacy, and knowing what you want to be known for. I call this conscious profit. It means making a living while at the same time making a life and making money in a way that honors you and everyone around you. You will learn specific practics and techniques to activate your money, your senuality and your feminine power. 

Saturday September 23, 2017, 9 am EST: Living as the Goddess of Embodied Love 

This is the place where we, with confidence and authority, learn to blend our personal willpower with our heart and ask for what we want. This is ALSO the place where we decide. . is our heart really in this? Do I have enough personal energy to give this my heart? If the answer is no OR if there is ANY integrity mismatch with our product or our company or how the company does business or what we offer and how we offer it, it simply doesn’t happen. Fear can also stop us here .. and fear will put the brakes on our ability to influence and feel confident. As the Alchemist said ”don’t give into your fears because if you do you won’t be able to talk to your heart.” In this class, you will let go of those things that create fear and embody confidence and influence. 

Saturday September 30, 2017, 9 am EST: Becoming the Fearless Thought Leader

Leaders create new experiences for themselves and everyone around them. Becoming the fearless thought leader requires that you share your unique perspective with the world, follow your intuition and proceed absolute certainty. Some people call you brilliant or gifted but you know it is divine guidance. Your ability to see the best in others and empower them to achieve that is a gift. In this module you'll learn to incease your own personal mastery, your intution and your alignment with your sensual power and your confidence.  

Meet Dawn

Dawn Todd is the founder of Wildly Successful Women and the Queen of Peace and Profit Blueprint. She illuminates the path to feminine sensuality so women can manifest more business. With over 25 years as an entrepreneur, author, speaker and executive business coach, Dawn has grown her own organization to over 7,000 members and brings a deep understanding of feminine energy alongside grounded business practices. Dawn's stellar list of partners include Country Financial, Microsoft, American Express, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rockies Venture Club, Angel Capital Summit, eWomenNetwork, and Constant Contact. Visit her at  

I think it's important to know who you are learning from, could I tell you a little bit about me?  

I have created businesses, lost them, rebuilt them and done it again, and I’ve helped women create business from scratch on their kitchen table, or double their business, clients and income in 90 days or less. I’ve helped women with extraordinary businesses create even more success while at the same time carve out a life that deeply matters to them. And I’ve worked with women to run the business they have before they go get more.  

Since 2006 I’ve been a business coach and mentor for women, known for my networking group Wildly Successful Women and my signature programs Peace & Profit Blueprint. 

Before I got really clear on about how these power centers impacted my lie, I could manifest success but it didn’t seem like it lasted.  

It wasn’t until I started really mastering my own personal energy and began using the things I'm going to share with you that I was able to create the business I love and one that allowed me to have more joy of life.  

There are A LOT of people who will tell you “it’s all about the energy” or “think and you’ll be rich” or other such things and while it’s true that energy does drive results – so does action. I’m NOT the person for you if you want to zen your way to riches. In short, we’ll be walking on both sides of the fence at the same time, the intuitive, spiritual side and the nuts and bolts of life.  

Today if you are reading this and feel that you have the best of intentions and feel like something invisible is always stopping you., if you’re exhausted, burned out and confused or if you simply aren’t making enough money for the time and energy you put in, Awakening Feminine Power is for you.  

"As a relationship coach who feels divine feminine essence is key to a thriving couple, it was so appropriate that I hire a feminine manifesting and intentional business specialist as my coach. In our work together, Dawn has been so instrumental in guiding me and holding the space for my evolution as a female business owner. I now work from a grounded place that allows me to contribute to the transformation of humanity while at the same time consciously attract abundance. Dawn has truly helped me create divine alignment." 

Stacy Mackey, Denver Relationship Coach 

"I thoroughly believe that Dawn and I were divinely united! When I met her, I was floating away in creative confusion. I had all these middle of the night desires bursting out of me for my business, but couldn’t ground them in my reality. I was tired and desperately wanted to see my outer life and work reflect the blossoming energy I felt going on inside. So, I dived into Dawn’s feminine coaching style and within a month, could SEE in my business and family what I was FEELING in my soul. I’m more expanded now in every part of my life and am beyond grateful for the wise woman guidance that pours through Dawn’s work."

Tiffany Josephs, Creator: Love-Joy Movement 

"Dawn's methods are unlike anything I have ever experienced. As effective as she is in creating a spiritual, soul-compatible foundation for business success, Dawn is also a mastermind at the hardline facts and strategies for generating, maintaining and growing income. She is truly gifted and brilliant, and a joy to work with – equally comfortable in the realms of business and spiritual success.”  

Dana Cain, Dana Cain Events

“I had to take some time to email you and let you know that I not only doubled my business but it was the best sales month we have EVER had! That’s an incredible statement by itself! My employees have always been aware of my daily goals but are now excited every morning and call and tell ME what their goal is for the day….crazy good”!  

Lisa Barrocas, Crystal Clear Water and Ice

Yes, please! Save me a spot! 



This class is a personal and deep dive that will completely transform you, your intimate pleasure and your abundance. If you are drawn to participate, please RSVP abve. If you have any questions, then it's time for us to connect. Please schedule a Awakening Feminine Power Planning Call. I will answer any questions you have and together we'll decide if this program is what you need to awaken your feminine power.  

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